It's never too late to create an essential work of daring.
It starts from within.

Human, a Live Communications Group

Thinking & doing

For people to fall in love with a brand, we marketers have to fall in love with the people we market to. If we cannot see them, be them, we will not connect.

Our goal is to create and execute well-rounded, full experiences that touch and enliven in ways people desire and in ways they have yet to discover.

Britta Couris

Whether running a department, a team or a project, my goal remains constant — to bring complete, strategic and creative projects to fruition with energy, humor and inclusion.
Actually, I just like telling people what to do.

Hilary Read

Light. Color. Sound. Dimension. Marketing does best when approached not with a formula
but with a creative, intuitive and fundamentally human mind-set.
And gets you Fired UP!

What we do

Nothing creates deeper, lasting and more meaningful relationships between brands and their customers than the one-on-one experience, especially when it’s live.

Whether designing environments, hosting events, directing media, marshalling technology or combining all of these to create a little magic, we make ideas come alive. And we make them HUMAN.

Who we do it for

  • Beats By Dr. Dre
  • Coca Cola
  • Ecko Unltd
  • Electronic Arts
  • GM
  • Google
  • Herbalife
  • Honda
  • HTC
  • Hyundai
  • Joie De Vivre
  • Lexus
  • Lilly
  • Lummis Day
  • Museum for African Art
  • Nike
  • Rolling Stones
  • Scion
  • TCM
  • Toyota
  • True Car
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • U of M Mott’s Children’s Center
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Google Fiber Launch
Connectivity a 100 times faster


HUMAN was asked to help rally and launch Google’s first fiber optic network. This monster of a project resulted in a series of manageable and delightful information, outreach and interaction as unique and playful as Google itself. Activities included–influencer programs, local business partnerships, digital engagements and original video content.

The launch resulted in 90% Fiberhood registration, 12K+ showcase visitors in 6 weeks and 18+ hosted community events.

Partners: MKTG / Wildlife

Beats By Dr. Dre: View case study >

Beats By Dr. Dre

Immerse yourself in the 4th Dimension


Celebrating Dre’s groundbreaking appearance at Coachella, HUMAN outfitted the requisite white tent into an environment that made being 2000 yards away from the main stage better than a front row seat. A three-tiered audio reactive couch, 3D projection, phone charging and non-stop A/C  prompted the LA Times to deemed it the coolest brand destination on the fields. HP and HTC were key partners in the execution.

LA Times:

Overall Attendance: 73,600, Headphone Checkout: 14,697, Roaming Headphone Demos: 20,903, Estimated 3D Glasses Distributed: 21,000

Facebook: 29,619 Likes, 1,393 Comments

Agency: MKTG

Hyundai: View case study >


North American Auto Shows
New Thinking. New Possibilities.


HUMAN has been an ongoing partner and creative resource for Hyundai since 2011. Collaborating with their agency, HUMAN has helped to amplify Hyundai’s innovative and powerful spirit on multiple activations–Auto Shows, Dealer Meetings, Press Events, media design, interactive strategy, etc.

It is exhilarating to help connect and strengthen such a progressive brand with current and future drivers. Defying convention is more than a tag line.

Agency: Innocean

TCM: View case study >


Classic Film Festival
Fans First


When you put the fans first, then everything remains in focus. From day one, HUMAN has been a key collaborator in the design and development of the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood. We help to create a dynamic and rich event where every seat is the best in the house and you don’t have to walk the red carpet to feel like a star.

80+ films, celebrity introductions and interviews, poolside screenings and performances, red carpet access, intimate panel discussions, musical acts, handprint ceremonies, world-class sponsors… and more every year.

98% of attendees said the festival met or exceeded their expectations. Tada!

Partners: Turner / CPC Intersect

Scion: View case study >


Block Party
Pull up to the bumper baby


Scion asked for a revolutionary auto show presence. HUMAN served up an ever changing, massive environment that was customized for and by the users. Modified cars, interactive media and a generative art audio-visual composing experience put consumers at the center of the auto rebel’s community.

Annually, the kit touched over 5 million consumers live and millions more via online media coverage, web publications, enthusiast’s blogs and sites, as well as taking gold in CA’s Interactive competition.

Agency: George P. Johnson

Toyota: View case study >


Prius Solar Flower Tour
Powered by the sun


Keeping things simple and fun can be the best way to cut through the noise. These oversized and joyful flowers highlighted one innovative aspect of Toyota’s 3rd Generation Prius in an equally inventive way. And by doing so brought a burst of energy to each new city and close to $18 million dollars worth of PR.

The Solar Flower sculptures, which included free WiFi, served as seating environments and charging stations for people to recharge their spirits as well as their mobile phones and laptops.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi